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To provide our customers with a place of refuge or retreat, with the most unique dining and shopping experience. We achieve this by integrating a reminiscent atmosphere through the surrounding vintage décor and home cooked foods and baked goods.



We Value at The Nest

We value you, our customer, and your experience the most. In everything we do at the Nest, we strive to provide a place where, upon entering, you feel at peace and that you have a safe place of refuge or retreat from the busyness of life. We value your dining experience and strive to provide the highest quality fresh whole foods and beverages that focus on childhood recipes for a reminiscent emotional experience.

We value our employees and strive to provide consistent resources for them to excel in their dreams. By providing training opportunities we can help our employees develop skills they can apply to the rest of their working careers. These opportunities will provide personal support and for their families.



Guiding Principles

Quality - always strive for excellence; perfection. We don’t claim perfection, but we do claim to always strive for it.

Honesty - no matter the circumstance, be it internal or external, be transparent, tell the truth and live at peace.

Integrity - strong character is built when you take responsibility for your part of this world. We invest in people that live with strong morals and small egos.

Respect - we believe in building strong relationships with our employees and customers through being intent listeners, allowing for self expression, and providing a positive workplace to promote personal joy.

Authenticity - we believe that the world deserves to know who we truly are. We foster a workplace that embraces quirkiness and real-life people.

Creativity - our company embraces creativity and promotes creating the most whimsical, magical and surreal space for our customers and staff. We believe that every soul needs to create to survive and we want to always be the vehicle that provides that opportunity.

Love - the foundation in everything we do is built on love. The love for our craft, our support systems, our constant pursuit of perfection, to provide beauty in our surroundings, experiences and products for our customers. We absolutely love what we do, where we are, and who is around us.

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Statement on Quality

We strive for excellence in every aspect of our business, providing our customer with the highest quality food, products and experience.

We strive to exceed your expectations in all areas of our business and continually improve our processes to ensure our products and atmosphere are of the highest quality.


As a descendant of many family entrepreneurs before me, I have always been driven to support my dreams with a small business. The Nest enabled me to bring my biggest dream to a reality in that it provided me with so many of the things I desired in my life; creativity, the need for a cozy “nesting” feeling in my surroundings, positivity, beauty, a ‘nest egg’ for my two daughters, love for what I do and the ability to control my life and the direction I wanted it to go. My love for creativity and artistically expressing myself led me to small businesses in decorating, crafting and all things artistic. My controlling nature lead me to a career in quality management which satisfied my need to strive for perfection and making improvements in all things we do. From this combination of left and right brain, I was able to bring both together to create a viable business that provided me with all of the things I desired and that also gave back to my community. By building the Nest with love, devotion and passion, it was my goal and desire to share this with others that love getting the same feelings that I get when you walk into a place of magical dreams surrounded by twinkling lights and beauty in every corner.

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