If Today Was Your Last Day….

Written January 10, 2019

To question one’s purpose and validity in life, I believe, is at the core of everyone’s being.

Today brings about much contemplation of the question of my life’s purpose.

If today was your last day…. It’s a catchy little phrase that goes through our minds when we have someone become terminally ill around us or someone we love and care about passes away. We often contemplate our life’s purpose and what is it we’re actually here for. The saddest part of all of this is that the feeling eventually wears off and we are left in the mundane routine of unawareness that envelopes our day to day activity. This doesn’t sit well with me. It is a normal human emotional response of course, but why does the impact and the drive to make a difference eventually go away. I suppose its because eventually the pain of losing someone we love subsides also, (which really is a relief to some extent) and so the emotional impact too must subside. I sit here today; affected, contemplative, heavy hearted, but inspired.

I’ve owned and operated my own small business for almost two years now as most of you know. It was always my vision and intention to bring you (us) a place to escape life’s struggles for a little while, a place to comfort your soul and foster creativity, a place of refuge and retreat, and for the most part I honestly feel that I have accomplished this. But there needs to be more.

I have always been one for challenging myself, to keep myself occupied with life’s next twist. If my life slows down to the pace of a small jackrabbit (you thought I was going to say snail didn’t you! I wouldn’t survive at that pace!) I change something in my life to offer myself excitement, accomplishment, challenge, and adrenaline. I too seek peace and tranquility like many others, however, I cannot sit stagnant too long. I try and make something different of each day that can give love or brightness to someone’s day, even if its my own.

In my contemplation today, I’ve decided to implement something to try and help us all …stop…and be aware of the beauty that surrounds us throughout each and every day. I will provide a method at my café of prompting and enticing you to record one small thought about the phrase “If this was your last day…”. I know this isn’t anything new or even something you want to think about perhaps, and there are more books and websites and guides doing the same thing that I am proposing here, but the difference is for me; to know that I am doing my part in hopefully giving back to someone, somehow.

I encourage you to take one deep breath as you finish reading this and note one small thing that you are witness to right now in this moment. What is happening around you in this moment? Just observe something of beauty to tuck inside your heart’s sleeve today and from one moment to the next give thought to those who are facing their own mortality right this very second, say a prayer for them and send love out around you.