Silence Please

Isn’t it lovely? Yes, it truly is magnificent isn’t it. The softness of the lights, the candles flickering and dancing. It’s a dreamer’s paradise; a place to fantasize about your next goal, your next big thing, your next soon-to-be accomplishment.

I’ve recently had the realization that I have literally accomplished all that I have ever dreamed of. As I sat quietly reminiscing about everything I wanted to have and had dreamt of, I realized… I had nothing left to strive for, to push myself for. I had accomplished all I had set out to do with respect to my dreams. Strangely enough, I had a moment of shock and sadness thinking…”oh my, what now?”.

In recent days, I have been remotely aware of life’s preciousness. The strongest pull for peace, stillness and the need for awareness washes over me throughout the day, one day to the next. The need to stop and be seriously aware that this life is not mine forever, that we are not guaranteed anything here, so why do we live each and everyday like we have a guarantee of eternity on earth? We assume we will arrive home tonight, we assume that the work on our desk will be tackled tomorrow, that we will do all the things we’ve dreamed of doing, one day.

Today is the dream. Today is the day to act; to put something in motion to take ourselves out of the normal day to day monotony of assuming life will hold us forever. Today is the day to spend just a few precious moments really giving some thought to things we are truly, grateful for, where this life has brought us so far and where you will take this life from here on in.

Here are my five moments of gratitude for this day:

  1. To have a place like this in my city to come to, that is filled with beauty, serenity and peace.
  2. Fresh falling snow outside my window, so I can gaze at the world going by through this magical filter.
  3. For hot coffee and fresh croissants so I can pretend I’m in Paris, even just for a precious moment.
  4. To be blessed enough to live in a country, a place, that provide me with not only the necessities of life, but with so much more.
  5. For the gift of humanity and all its interactions and combinations of personalities I am privileged to be a part of every day.

It is such a pleasure to sit in silence, to take that time for me, to share with you, how very, very blessed we are. Take action. Do one thing today. Just one. Give to humanity one simple wink of gratitude for their participation in making this place a place of compounded moments that eventually add up to a lifetime of blessings.