And the Award Goes To…

It’s the morning after, coffee is hot and I can spend a few quiet moments reflecting on last night’s Bell Business Excellence Awards.
We were nominated for two categories; Best Business Start Up and Best Small Enterprise. We qualified for Best Business Start Up. We were truly honoured to just receive the nomination yet alone being chosen as a finalist! How exciting!
And the award goes to……Not us! Bummer. But here’s the thing, here are some of my truths this morning after.
To be recognized in the community as one of the finalists amongst so many other businesses that could have qualified is truly a feat in itself. It is an honour and accomplishment to have been chosen for this within our first year of opening. Truly, we were shocked and amazed. Would we have liked to take home the gold? I’d be lying if I said no. Of course, we would have! Who doesn’t want to ‘win’?! Deep down inside we all want to be the winner, we all want the glory, our egos tell us this day in and day out, and frankly that is something really hard to turn off. So, to wake up today with no shiny new trophy…well yes, it is disappointing and quite hard for a perfectionist to realize they must not have reached that perfection otherwise they would have been chosen. But let’s look at it this way for a moment.
There was a very deserving company that did take home the award last night, a company that worked just as hard as we did and I am happy inside knowing how they must have felt when their name was called. As entrepreneurs we give everything we have to our business; money (and lots of it!) time (which we will never get paid for) and sweat (which we will also never get paid for). So, the way I see this is we’re all in this together. We all invest our time, resources, energy to build something beautiful for the communities we live in. We signed up for this remember? We wanted to be the boss of our own destiny. So, I congratulate those of us who were recognized by our peers to be chosen in our given category of last night’s award ceremony and to all of us who took home the shiny prize.
So, what’s next for the Nest? More of what we’ve been doing. More tenacity; more discipline; more improvements. We will continue to strive to exceed our customers needs, wants and expectations. We will strive to be a finalist once again in one of the other worthy categories, perhaps in “service excellence”. We are awarded each and everyday with our customer’s smiles, their moment’s of ‘wow’ when they come in the door, their gasps and compliments on our space, their many reviews of ‘excellent food’, and their constant support and love they show us. This is our award. We still would have looooved the shiny trophy, but this only drives us harder for next year. All in a days work at the Nest.